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Funding and wholesale reform is needed for social care

BASW response to the UK Budget 2020

Today the Chancellor has had to adapt his plans to deal with the spread of Covid-19 in an extended emergency package.

It is however disappointing that funding and reform for social care has been overlooked in the Budget, despite the ongoing crisis which puts children, families and individuals into truly desperate situations. 

We need meaningful change for adult social care and investment that will build a thriving social care workforce for our future.

We also want an end to austerity in public services, including cuts to LA budgets which have hit vital services for older people, children, families, individuals and carers so hard in the last decade.

Funding to support homeless people off the streets is welcome, but much more must be done to ensure people have the right support to sustain and succeed in their homes, with enough affordable homes available to meet demand.

We will continue to promote the BASW Social Work Manifesto to outline our priorities for public and political affairs and to make it clear to the Government and to the opposition parties of our campaign intentions. 

The full manifesto can be read here.

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