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The Social Workers Union (SWU) responds to the budget

SWU sets out their response as it prepares to launch six point plan for action.

John McGowan, General Secretary of SWU comments on the budget ahead of the launch of SWU's six point action plan launching tomorrow, which sets out urgent steps for government:

"This budget is another blow to front line social workers and the people they protect, who again seem invisible to the government.

"So many social workers are on the verge of leaving the profession that the social work system is close to collapse. The Chancellor's Economic Statement could have provided an opportunity to support those who support the most vulnerable.

"However, there were no such steps taken to protect those already on the front-line and scant support given to the most vulnerable for whom, as the Chancellor admits, hardship lies ahead.

"Our SWU six point action plan which will launch tomorrow sets out urgent steps that the government and employers need to take now to address the dire working conditions many social workers face and prevent a collapse in the social work sector."