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A tribute to Pete Felton

Friend of BASW England passes on

BASW England would like to pay tribute to dear friend Pete Felton, who recently passed on.

Pete was a musician who, along with BASW England patron Ian Thomas, played beautiful and thought-provoking music at the BASW England Student conference in 2018.

Pete was a rare inspirational spirit. A below the knee amputee, he had beaten addiction and cancer twice.

Pete's family and friends wanted to share and acknowledge that he received social work support when he was diagnosed with cancer following his amputation.

Sadly, after a period of recovery the cancer returned.

“Pete's music and charismatic personality touched so many people,” said BASW England national director, Maris Stratulis. “BASW's thoughts are with Pete's family at this sad time, especially Hollie Felton, Pete's wife, who meant the world to Pete."

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