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Watch the vodcast: "A story of hope and humanity" World Aids Day 2020

By Heidi Henderson, Social Worker from South Africa

Heidi Henderson, Head of a Children’s Service in the West Midlands discusses her career in social work which began in South Africa. 

Heidi practised relationship based social work with children with AIDs and HIV during the 90s pandemic in South Africa.

Heidi discusses working with particular children at Millenium Home whilst in South Africa, "whenever I think [of Millenium Home], I think about singing, I think about dancing. I would just see the children around their table every morning when I turned up..."

Heidi talks about how the children would greet her with the same ritual each day and this helped her to gauge the emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing of the child just in those initial moments of seeing them. She could assess how they were feeling that day; "what they were showing you through their behaviour informed the bigger picture."

This vodcast was developed as part of the BASW England Relationship-based Practice Week session for World AIDs Day.


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