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Call for Interview Participants for Postdoctoral Research

Care beyond the family? British South Asians and Ageing in Scotland

Postdoctoral Researcher Shruti Chaudhry is looking for social workers to interview as part of her research. 

This research focuses on the relational lives of ageing South Asians in Scotland (Indian Sikhs and Pakistani Muslims in Edinburgh and Glasgow). It aims to theorise about family life in relation to social change and cultural diversity (and indeed diversity within ethnic minority populations). The health parameters of South Asians and the white population are distinctive: South Asians are more likely to suffer from ill-health, often chronic illnesses, at younger ages and they face greater health care challenges. Furthermore, South Asians are assumed to ‘care for their own’, yet South Asian families are in a state of flux (just like white British families).  The research explores the implications of such changes for ageing and the allocation of care and the role of other actors such as religious institutions (mosques and gurudwaras), NGOs/charities and friendship networks in supporting ‘traditional’ care systems.

To find out more and to participate in the project, please contact: 

Dr Shruti Chaudhry: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Sociology, School of Social and Political Science

University of Edinburgh