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BASW supports Global Climate Strike

Launch of our Sustainability Statement outlines ways we will do more to protect our environment

Today, on the beginning of the Global Climate Strike protests, BASW has launched its Sustainability Statement to outline our plans as an organisation to tackle climate crisis.

BASW is committed to reduce waste, improving use of sustainable resources and protecting the environment and this statement will provide a core base for our collective effort at national and global levels, as social workers and as an organisation.

In addition, BASW’s national offices will be actively joining the protests happening around the world today, with staff from our Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh offices joining rallies.

Please follow our social media channels to get involved.  

Climate crisis

The level of CO2 is at its highest for about 4 million years, while the pace of this rise in modern times has led to scientists stating we are in “unchartered territory”.

Tackling this crisis requires an individual responsibility, and a collective responsibility for organisations and governments, so that we all reassess our carbon footprint.

Today and into the future, BASW is standing shoulder to shoulder with climate activists and, as our statement shows, will be continuously looking at how we can do more to protect the environment.  

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