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SASW supports vote on giving children equal protection from assault

Today, MSPs will vote on the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill. At SASW, we strongly support the Bill, which will offer children in Scotland the same lawful protection from violence as adults.

SASW National Director, Alistair Brown, said: “We believe that giving Children Equal Protection from Assault will allow for the removal of a legal defence that is out-dated and runs counter to the progressive policy of the Scottish Government. It will ensure that children’s right to live free from violence is made real and prevent children and young people from being given mixed messages about violence being acceptable. There is strong and consistent evidence that physical punishment is harmful and damages children’s wellbeing. There is also evidence that highlights a correlation between physical punishment and increased aggression, anti-social behavior and anxiety in children, likely to carry on into adulthood. We wholeheartedly support the bill and urge MSPs to show their support and commitment to protecting children’s wellbeing."

BASW has supported a ban on removing the defence of reasonable chastisement of children UK wide, as evidenced recently in Wales. You can find more information, here. 


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