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BASW responds to Queen’s Speech

Promising legislation around adult care and mental health announced

Today’s Queen Speech highlighted a raft of legislation for the year ahead, with some key announcements on social work.

It was a positive to hear of reform for adult social care, especially as the adult social care green paper has yet to be delivered despite being promised early this year.

As expected, legislation to improve mental health care was announced.

This was encouraging to hear as BASW and the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Work co-produced a report in July with recommendations aimed at putting the social model and social workers at the centre of any reform to mental health care.

BASW’s Public & Political Affairs Officer, Madeleine Jennings, who took a lead in the work with the APPG, said: “BASW will be closely scrutinising any draft legislation on adult social care as well as on mental health before they are put before both Houses.”

She added: “We will also be inspecting the carried-over Domestic Abuse bill, and any upcoming efforts to lessen the impact of divorce on children and to give better protection to victims of crime.”

However, with Brexit still causing uncertainty, currently no commons majority for the Government and a general election a distinct possibility, it remains unclear how much of the Queen’s Speech will come to pass.

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