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BASW responds to Advancing our Health consultation

Members comment on Department of Health & Social Care consultation

BASW England has responded to the Department of Health & Social Care’s consultation on Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s

The full response can be accessed here and some of the recommendations are as follows:

• The policies in relation to equality, prevention and the accessibility of services could be reviewed. This could include a full evaluation of: funding streams, interpretation of relevant legislation and better training for professionals on supporting the wellbeing of people who use services - especially the homeless and other vulnerable groups. 

• We believe better housing provision nationwide is needed.  More access to practical help, like transport, form filling and decluttering. Easier access to primary health like blood tests and CAMHS Resources.

• The Care Act 2014 could be updated to incorporate more emphasis on the role of health practitioners, as it can be interpreted as mostly applying to social care practitioners.

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