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BASW England consultation on the future of adult social care

Please share your views

Since the government announced the plan to publish a green paper in 2017 on adult social care, BASW England has continued to develop a response.  

The BASW England Adult Social Care Green Paper working group have developed a consultation paper summarising ideas and seeks feedback from BASW members. 

Our focus is not on the debate about how social care can be better funded and whether it should be free, but how the system of assessing and meeting needs can be made more transparent and place more emphasis on promoting independence. 

BASW England is working to the goal of transparent assessment built around partnership working and professional judgement, alongside transparent financial decision making, with clear recording of unmet need.

We have looked at how this goal could be achieved through developing a four-step approach.

We want to hear your views on how we can increase transparency and fairness in decisions about care and support provision.

How to get involved

Thank you for taking part - we really appreciate your feedback.

If you have any queries please do get in touch with the England team.

The survey closes on 30th November 2019



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