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UK election: Party policies v our manifesto

BASW scrutinises the main four political parties’ promises for social care

With the general election just over two weeks away, how do the manifesto promises from the four main political parties – Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats – stack up against our own social work manifesto?

Below is a guide that matches their pledges against the eight key areas in social care highlighted in the BASW manifesto 2019.


BASW manifesto: Invest in the social work recruitment, education, professional development and retention initiatives we need for the next decade


BASW manifesto: Promote the role of social workers in multi-professional, integrated health and care


BASW manifesto: Tackle poor working conditions and unfeasibly high workloads of social workers


BASW manifesto: Support and invest in social work practice that promotes rights, dignity, self-determination and the potential of all children, adults and communities


BASW manifesto: End austerity in public services: invest in social care and reform Universal Credit


BASW manifesto: Roll back wasteful privatisation and profit driven models in health and social care


BASW manifesto: Resolve the UK-wide homelessness emergency


BASW manifesto: Whatever the outcome of Brexit, protect the peace in Northern Ireland and the human rights legislation that protects all citizens

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