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BASW Cymru to support Homeless World Cup

As the growing competition arrives in Cardiff, BASW Cymru will be getting involved

Cardiff is set to host the Homeless World Cup later this month in its famous Bute Park. The eyes of the world will be on Cardiff between July 27- August 3rd as 50 countries and over 500 players come together to compete for glory and to inspire themselves and others around the world.

BASW Cymru will be supporting the Homeless World Cup in several ways, including directly supporting an assigned nation and covering the event on our Social Media accounts and Website to inform our members about this empowering event.

Allison Hulmes, BASW Cymru National Director, said: “BASW Cymru has been actively campaigning around homelessness in Wales for a number of years. At our recent AGM in Belfast, a motion relating to homelessness was passed and this will form the basis of how we as an Association, plan our responses to homelessness moving forward.

Cardiff hosting the Homeless World Cup is a great opportunity for us to understand more about homelessness at a global level. Social Work as an international profession, has a pivotal role to play in challenging structures that create inequality, which too often lead to homelessness. We welcome the opportunity to hear those stories first-hand at the Homeless World Cup. Pob lwc pawb!/Good luck all!”

The event is being supported by Street Football Wales, a Charity aiming to help homeless and socially excluded people, who are the World Cup National Partner in Wales, with duties such as supporting and organising both National Teams, the Dragons (men) and Warriors (women).

Street Football Wales has been involved in the tournament since its inaugural event in 2003 and has facilitated wonderful and life changing experiences for some of Wales’ most vulnerable people.

The Charity offers people the chance to participate at this famous international event if they are able to; display a good attitude, attendance, commitment, tolerance of others and personal development on and off the field.

Cardiff’s bid to host the tournament was partly led by Activist and Actor Michael Sheen, who is a Welsh Patron for Street Football Wales and the Homeless World Cup.

Sheen, speaking to Street Football Wales, said: “Street Football Wales achieves incredible change for homeless adults with the most complex lives and challenges. The transformation the players make, using football as the hook, is just inspiring to witness and something we can all positively contribute towards.

As Patron, my aim is to help the team in achieving more impact, being more sustainable as it grows and to make everyone in Wales proud of their Homeless World Cup teams! Together we’ll be sharing more stories of success, calling for greater support and investment and asking you all to get Behind your national team. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the great work of Street Football Wales."


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