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UC Two child U-turn welcome, but not enough

It is welcome news that the Government has listened to the concerns of social workers, charities and campaigners by ditching plans to extend the two-child benefits cap.

Today’s announcement from the work and pensions secretary, Amber Rudd, outlines a reconsideration of the two child aspects of Universal Credit and concludes families will be entitled to support any children born before 6 April 2017.

New legislation will be brought in to make these changes and it is estimated that 15,000 families will benefit. The two-child limit remains from this point onwards, however.

At BASW’s AGM in 2017 we voted for abolition of the cap and have been campaigning, with our members, against it ever since.

With nearly four million people forced to use food-banks last year and increasing poverty levels fuelling demand for child protection services, the cap is discriminative and damaging to the poorest and most vulnerable families. 

We will continue to campaign until the cap has been entirely scrapped. 

Please join us in this campaign by taking part in our webinar on 23rd January. Workshop events are also taking place in Wales, NI and Scotland.