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SWU offering free self-defence courses

Union is running a limited number of half day training days for social workers

As the final stage of its roll-out for the new business product Streetwise365, the Social Workers Union (SWU) will be running a limited number of free half personal safety training days at various venues around the country.

Aimed at individuals and businesses involved within the caring profession its objective is to introduce you to the Streetwise365 product; give you the skills to feel confident in dealing with aggressive situations; and build your confidence and resilience with regards to your personal safety.

“Being a social worker can present a unique set of challenges that are unfamiliar in many other business professions,” says SWU general secretary John McGowan, who points to a recent report published by BASW.

The report – Insult & Injury – has shown that in their work environment on a monthly basis, 86% of social workers in Northern Ireland experienced intimidation, 75% have received threats and 50% have been subject to violence.

“Violence or, even just the threat of violence, can have a detrimental effect on a person’s self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience,” adds McGowan.

With its successful background working within the Education sector Streetwise365 is now ready to launch its new Business Safety Training Programme which will teach you how to deal with these issues by concentrating on three key areas: Detection, Defusion and Defend…

Dates for the Streetwise365 Personal Safety Training Day are currently being organised for half day workshops to cover the London, South East, South West, Midlands and the North of England areas during February, March and April 2019. 

These events are designed for individuals or teams to attend. If you would prefer to arrange a bespoke team event just for your company these are available on request.

To book or, for further information please visit