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SASW calls on Scottish Government to exempt social workers from workplace parking levy

The Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW) has written to finance secretary Derek Mackay, demanding our members, like staff in the NHS, are exempted from the workplace car parking levy announced in the recent Scottish budget. 

Read the letter below:

Dear Mr Mackay,

Re: Scottish Government Budget and introduction of a workplace car parking levy

I am wring to you as National Director of the Scottish Association of Social Work (part of BASW UK) on behalf of our membership, social workers across Scotland.

We have noted the introduction of a “workplace car parking levy” which would go forward as an amendment to the Transport Bill. I appreciate it would be up to councils to decide whether to introduce this and have also noted that “NHS premises will be exempt”.

We know that in many areas, particularly outside major towns and cities, it is not possible for social workers to do the job without the use of their cars. Public transport may be limited or simply non-existent, and there are many instances where we have to transport people who need or use our services. It is important that we are able to park outside our various workplaces and have immediate access to cars.

I am therefore wondering why there is what appears to be disparity between NHS employees and our workforce in terms of the suggested exemption?

I wish to stress that we absolutely recognise the need for policies that bring health and environmental benefits, but with this specific initiative there needs to be consistency in how it is applied to NHS staff and social workers. This is especially the case given the Scottish Government’s commitment to more integrated health and social care provision.

At present we must recognise the daily reality of social workers in many areas of our country, and therefore ask for social work workplaces to be included within the “exemption” premises.

Yours faithfully,

Trisha Hall, Social Worker, National Director SASW