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Scottish Government Review of Advance Payment Scheme

Following a review of the Advance Payment Scheme, which offers support to survivors of childhood abuse in care, The Scottish Government has today announced that the age threshold for eligibility to the Scheme should be reduced from age 70 and over to age 68 and over. This change will take place with immediate effect. 

Commenting on these changes the Scottish Government said, "A reduction in the age threshold to 68 is consistent with the purpose of the scheme and will offer more survivors who may not live long enough to apply to the statutory redress scheme the opportunity to receive recognition and acknowledgement.  The intention is that the Advance Payment Scheme will remain open until the statutory redress scheme is operational."

SASW welcomes the outcome of this review and acknowledges this as a positive step in the right direction for survivors of historical child abuse in care. 

Read more about this, here. 

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