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BASW Cymru learns how to play the political game

A unique training session saw our Wales team ally with seven other organisations to improve their political leadership


The BASW Cymru team had the opportunity to attend political leadership training along with seven other allied health professionals on Tuesday 24 October.

The training was sponsored by Dr Dai Lloyd AM, who chairs the health, social care and sport committee in Wales.

The purpose of the training was to develop a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of Welsh Government, how to be more effective at lobbying and influencing, and ultimately, stronger representatives for our membership.

“During the day we learned about different ways of influencing, from knowing who the key players are, identifying champions to forming coalitions with other groups and organisations,” says BASW Cymru deputy national director, Allison Hulmes.

“Working collaboratively is familiar to social workers and something that BASW Cymru has undertaken to good effect when campaigning around the impact of poverty on the most vulnerable members of society.”

Allison adds: “Wales is unique, we are a small country and because of this we can get closer to our politicians, our Assembly Members are still very accessible. Capitalising on that accessibility to the benefit of our members and making every opportunity count is vital, which is why this training was so valuable.”