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Workforce challenges in the adult social care sector – BASW needs your views

The Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care, are running a consultation to seek views and evidence on what actions could be taken to address a number of workforce challenges in the social care sector. It is important that the voice of BASW members is heard about workforce issues relating to social work, as well our perspective on the wider social care workforce.

BASW will be giving a response to the consultation.You can see the consultation at:

You can of course respond in your own right, but it would be really helpful to garner your views so we can do a BASW response. If you are able to contribute to a BASW response please email with your views. The consultation closes on 9th April and we would need your views by 3rd April in order to collate.

Thank you in advance

Joe Godden BASW England Professional Officer