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How much quality ‘direct’ time do you spend with children and families? Take the BASW survey to have your say

BASW and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) have agreed to work in partnership to explore the viability of a joint campaign to promote and enhance the importance of social workers spending quality ‘direct’ time with children and families.

The need to explore this subject is clear from the Eileen Munro review which highlighted bureaucratic processes, disjointed computer systems and high loads of paperwork as key barriers between social workers and direct time with service users.

The first step in this partnership is to assess the level of this multi-layered problem in 2018. While BASW England members are saying they spend too much time in front of their computers rather than undertaking direct work with children, we need more statistical evidence to assess the issue.

Therefore, we are urging members to please spare five minutes to conduct a short survey on this important subject. Please click here to complete the survey.