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Full Election Statements for Candidates for Chair of BASW 2018

Gerry (Geraldine) Nosowska

BASW is the strong, independent voice of social work and social workers. When we join together and work in partnership with children, adults, families and communities we can improve lives and change society. My priorities for BASW are to:

• Grow the voice of practice and representation: I want all social workers to feel that BASW listens to them, involves and supports them. I want a diverse and representative membership, with roles in the association more accessible and more practitioners able to get involved. I want BASW to represent our united voice and enable diverse views and activities.

• Increase Partnership work: especially with people with lived experience of social work support.

• Impact on our context: We need to address poverty, inequality and oppression, through campaigns and influence. We need to lead on our identity, ethics, professional development and research, and influence all levels. We need to improve working conditions through support, lobbying and working with the Social Workers Union.

I have worked in local authority practice and management, and now support practice development through creating resources, teaching, evaluation and policy work. I chair the Adults Practice, Policy and Education Group in England and am elected to England committee. I work across adults’ and children’s services, with a particular interest in work with older people and combatting ageism. I have learned a lot from co-production of projects like BASW’s UK End of Life resource.

I also work to influence our context through social media, blogs and podcasts, as well as consultations, lobbying, building relationships with allies, and working with BASW to influence policy. You can find out more about my views at

We have the ethics, evidence and experience to argue for what’s needed for excellent social work across the UK. As Chair, I will listen, learn, work collaboratively and act for you.


Dr Donna Peach

Being a member of BASW and SWU is an important part of my social work identity. In particular, I am proud of BASW’s support of its members and its representation of our professional values and ethics. If elected, I will ensure the Council continues to work with integrity and has the courage to make decisions in the best interests of its members and our social work profession.

BASW is a learning organisation and we need to ensure there are inspiring opportunities for members to become further involved to help build our future success. I was proud to march 100 miles to ‘boot out austerity’ in 2017 and to see how much members are doing to improve the lives of those in their communities. 

I believe BASW needs to be passionately active across society, to lead our profession and build partnerships to address vital social issues. 

The role of Chair is crucial to ensure that BASW acts with good governance and helps to determine what are the right issues to focus on and when. This strategy includes engagement with policymakers and timely responses when issues related to social work hit the headlines. If elected, I will develop collaborative relationships that are robust enough to include the capacity to have difficult conversations, particularly when policy conflicts with our core values.

This is an important time in our history. We need a purposeful, vibrant and dynamic BASW chair to lead us forward. I would love to use the position of Chair to help make an ambitious difference, to deliver BASW’s 2020 vision and co-produce a transformative strategy to strive for social justice.

Let us be our collective best and work together to deliver an inspirational, yet truly achievable future. I pledge to commit to the cause – will you join me? 


Professor (Emeritus) Hilary Tompsett

A qualified registered Social Worker, I am committed to the social work profession, research-informed practice excellence, educating, supporting and developing social workers, and keeping service users and carers always at the centre.  I worked over a 16-year period as practitioner/manager in children and families, mental health, elderly care and renal work, and for 23 years as educator, researcher and professor at Kingston University/St George’s, University of London. As Chair of JUC-SWEC (Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee, 2009-14), I contributed to strategic government working parties, parliamentary select committees, and national social work reforms. I was appointed Council member/Vice-Chair of GSCC (General Social Care Council, 2008-12) overseeing the regulation of social workers, and have been involved in regulation of professional education with the Health and Care Professions Council (2012-13) and, currently, the General Optical Council.

Research interests in interprofessional practice and decision-making led to a government-funded project on GP Conflicts of Interest when Safeguarding Children (2006-10), and invitations to speak at seminars/conferences in Japan, Finland, Russia and South Korea on social care for older people. Currently, I research and publish with colleagues on social work students’ pre-placement skills development.

A lifelong BASW member (outside maternity breaks) and drawing on experience as Trustee/Board Member for JUC-SWEC and The College of Social Work (2013-15) and as GSCC non-executive director, I joined BASW’s Council in 2016, where I have particularly contributed to improving governance and risk frameworks, revising Articles and the PCF, and developing the CPD accreditation scheme (part of ProfDE).  Building on this, I am now applying to become Chair. Working collaboratively with members, Chief Executive/staff, stakeholders and governments, I would like to lead Council and BASW, championing the profession and promoting BASW’s 2020 vision (and beyond) for a strong independent social work voice, in times of ongoing challenge, but great opportunity


BASW Chair Hustings webinar

Members are invited to join the BASW Chair hustings webinar. This is a valuable opportunity to ask questions and hear the views of candidates in the run up to the election of your BASW chair.

Date : 9th April 2018

Time : 5:00pm-6:15pm

Click here to register your attendance. 


Members will find ballot cards and envelopes in this edition of PSW for the election.

Please use your vote and return the ballot card in the FREEPOST envelope provided. Please do not mark the envelope in any way.

If you have any enquiries about the election please email

Election closes at noon on 23rd April 2018.