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BASW and the Social Workers Union (SWU) sign landmark co-operation agreement

Tuesday 13 March 2018 was a great moment in the history of BASW, the professional association for social work and social workers across the UK, and the Social Workers’ Union (SWU).

A new, formal co-operation agreement between the two organisations was signed by John McGowan, SWU General Secretary and Ruth Allen, BASW Chief Executive, at the BASW Additional General Meeting in London.

This puts SWU and BASW on an even firmer footing, going forward together in cooperation, creating a strong future for both organisations.  

BASW CEO Ruth Allen said “BASW and SWU are distinct but very closely aligned organisations that complement each other.  We are delighted to be able to provide such a strong, bespoke service to our members. 

“We hope that more and more BASW members will take up the option to also join SWU and know they will be represented by advice and representation staff who are jointly trained as social workers and as trade union representatives. They understand the context in which issues can arise for social workers, and how they can be satisfactorily resolved, whether employment based or regulatory”.

John McGowan, SWU General Secretary added: “I am pleased that the co-operation agreement has been signed by both organisations, it reinforces our commitment to drive forward the professional agenda and also provide trade union support to BASW members who sign up to SWU”.

Members of BASW can join SWU at a very affordable price and through this, enjoy the full range of professional support, practice development, advice and representation services from the combination of our complementary organisations. Both have social work values at their heart.