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BASW adopts new Articles of Association

Last week, on World Social Work Day March 20th, BASW formally adopted a modernised constitution in a unanimous vote (including all proxy votes) at a reconvened Additional General Meeting (AddGM). 

The AddGM had been adjourned from seven days before as it was just under the required quorum to take a decision.

Members contributed to the development of the new Articles which replaced a constitution dating back to 1978 – although altered almost every year since then.

Through surveys, focus groups and a chance to comment directly on drafts, members were able to shape the new Articles  which now reflect current practices of the Association, best practice in Company law, and the direction of travel of the Association. New objects build on the best of what has sustained BASW since the 1970s, while updating and modernising aims and the language we use to describe them.

BASW chief executive Ruth Allen says: “As BASW is developing and modernising, we need to have a constitution that is true to our values and ethics, confirms our purpose and provides flexibility to ensure we can develop and be agile in response to new demands across the four nations of the UK.  

“We also need a constitution that is easy to understand and which promotes member involvement. The time is right for these new Articles and I am delighted they will now guide BASW to the next stage of its development”

Allen adds: “This new constitution will promote BASW as an outward facing organisation that is an even better champion of social work, social workers and the people we work with.”