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Reflections on our Grenfell demonstration

BASW England chair Andy Gill

Reflections on Grenfell Demo

On Saturday 16th June a group of BASW members marched proudly in London under the social work banner to show their support to the Justice for Grenfell Campaign.  The victims asked us all to tell at least one person about the campaign.  Matt Wrack from the Fire Brigade Union also spoke so powerfully when he said we warned the government back in 1999 about the risks associated with flammable cladding – “why would you want to wrap a building in petrol!” Here are some other reflections on the day:

It was great to be part of a movement that celebrated community, diversity and the importance of standing up for social justice. Thanks to al the social workers that joined our banner SW's & service users against austerity to walk alongside the Fire Brigades Union and many others committed to justice for Grenfell.  Rupert

There are times for quiet remembrance and that can be powerful. But today was about shouting out for social justice and we must keep shouting.  Jon Dudley

It was great to be part of a group of social workers marching together, to show our collective solidarity with the Justice For Grenfell campaign. It was great too those social workers that came on the day could join the group, after seeing our wonderful Social Workers and Service Users Against Austerity banner. One of social work’s roles is to strengthen communities. The strength in the community around Grenfell was clear on this day - I hope that as social workers we will do what we can to assist in the continuing development and maintenance of this community’s strength. Guy Shennan

The stirring words from trade unions and pressure groups emphasised how little successive governments, elected by the people, have done over the years to address the issues raised for ordinary people that resulted in the shocking events of 14 June 2017.

Today people from all backgrounds came together to right a wrong. The human spirit was alive and well! Andy & Suzi Gill

Andy Gill

Chair of BASW England Committee