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Consultation on Review of Part 1 Children (Scotland) Act 1995

As was outlined in the 2017 Programme for Government, the Scottish Government seeks to bring Part 1 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 up-to-date. The consultation considers how the law can better support children to form and maintain key relationships and is written from a family law perspective. This is significant for all social workers, with the consultation addressing themes such as Contact, Parental Responsibilities & Rights, Domestic Abuse, Alternatives to Court & the Children's Hearing System.

We want to know how any changes to the law could impact your practice and the lives of the children and families you work with and for, to help shape our response. If you would like to share your views and discuss any aspect of this consultation, please contact Scotland. If you would like to have a conversation via Skype, telephone or in person, please let us know.