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Changes to Protection of Vulnerable Groups

The Scottish Government are seeking views on proposals for the reform to the disclosure regime in Scotland. This affects all social workers and the clients they work with and for. There are a number of controversial issues raised in this consultation - SASW have identified the following 3 as particularly significant: 

  • Your membership of the PVG scheme will no longer last for life, but will be renewed every 1, 3 or 5 years at a cost to you (up to £65, additional to your £80 registration renewal). Wht period/cost do you prefer?
  • Should kinship carers be subject to PVG membership and for what level of contact/cost etc?
  • Should people 'Self Directing' their own support have access to the disclosure of those providing care to them? What options are needed? 

We are keen to communicate the views of our membership to the government and to encourage our members to voice their opinions. 

Please contact Scotland no later than 12 July 2018 if you wish to inform any aspect of our response.