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BASW concerned for future of people with learning disabilities

Ahead of a parliamentary debate, a replacement for the Transforming Care programme is required

BASW is supporting the motion put forward by Norman Lamb MP today in parliament about people with learning disabilities.

Our 2020 Vision advocates for a community approach to working with people with a learning disability, to support them in their communities rather than in remote institutions.

We are concerned about the Transforming Care programme coming to an end and feel a new community focused programme is required.

BASW members can watch the debate live here.

 The motion from Mr Lamb is:

That this House expresses concern at the slow progress made under the Transforming Care programme, which was set up to improve the quality of care and quality of life for children and adults with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviours that challenge; notes that evidence continues to emerge of the neglect, abuse, poor care, and premature deaths of people with learning disabilities; recognises that a substantial number of people with learning disabilities remain trapped in, and continue to be inappropriately admitted to, Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) rather than living independently with support close to their families and friends; is concerned at the lack of capacity and capability of community services, as highlighted by the National Audit Office; believes that the Transforming Care programme is unlikely to realise the ambitions set out in the ‘Building the Right Support’ strategy before it ends in March 2019; calls on the Government to commit to a successor programme to Transforming Care in order to realise the ambition of a shift away from institutional care by investing in community services across education, health and social care; believes that such services must adopt a lifelong, early intervention and prevention approach, protect the human rights of children and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism, and promote their independence and wellbeing through delivery of the right support, in the right place, at the right time; and further calls on the Government to ensure that such a programme is prioritised and properly resourced.