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Final chance for members to have their say on how BASW is run

Please note the member consultation on BASW Articles is now closed.

Thank you to all members who have taken part in the consultation on BASW’s constitution. 

How to take part

To help shape the consultation we have set out some key areas for discussion in a summary document (below).  Members are encouraged to review the summary document alongside the draft Articles of Association (the Articles) and complete the online survey.

  • Click here to download a summary of the proposals and some key questions for members to consider.
  • Take part in the survey here to provide feedback on specific parts of the first draft.
  • Click here to download the new draft of the new Articles.
  • Members can also provide feedback via email at 

Modernising our constitution

During 2017 BASW undertook a review of our constitution and governance arrangements and as part of this members have been sharing views on our Articles.

The draft Articles have been produced following feedback from members who have taken part in the consultation that has been running since July 2017.

The Articles underpin the purpose and objectives of BASW and cover how the association is led by our members. Our aspiration is to have a constitution that will promote BASW as an outward facing organisation that is an even better champion of social workers and the people we work with.

We hope you will take this opportunity to contribute your views to this extremely important work for BASW.