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Have your say! New survey on social worker wellbeing

BASW, SWU and Bath Spa University launch updated research study

All social workers – members and non-members – are encouraged to take a new, short survey to investigate your working conditions, and how these conditions may influence your well-being and job satisfaction.

This is an important study as social work can be a stressful occupation, but there have been very few large academic studies into the working conditions that may influence this stress.

The survey is live now and available to complete until 20th August.

“Research of this quality makes the case to decision makers,” says BASW chief executive Dr Ruth Allen. “It is vital social workers’ voices are heard so please take the time to complete our short survey – it will help us to make a difference for you and your colleagues.”

John McGowan, general secretary of SWU adds: “Following continuous lobbying efforts, BASW and SWU’s concerns around professional working conditions is having a political impact. It is now extremely important to build on this through the outcomes of this new research and to keep up the momentum.”

The study will be co-ordinated by Dr Jermaine Ravalier of Bath Spa University, with the results unveiled in September.