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BASW CEO, Ruth Allen, discusses Croydon's children services on radio

BASW CEO, Dr. Ruth Allen, appeared on BBC London radio yesterday to talk about the recent announcement that the Government has taken over Croydon's failing children's services. 

In a discussion with Eddie Nestor on the Drivetime show, Allen said the focus needs to be on how Croydon's services works with itself, and the commissioner tasked with leading change, in order to implement an improvement plan and to "aspire for excellence", so that the south London borough's vulnerable children, and children in need, remain protected.

Allen highlighted familiar themes from previous failing authorities, such as unmanageable caseloads and instability in the workforce, but stressed more money for recruitment was only part of the solution. "Children's services is an extremely complex system, involving many bodies such as the police, schools and doctors. The right approach, quality of leadership and crucially, professional support for social workers, is just as important in creating the right culture for a successful service."

You can hear the discussion here