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RiP/RiPfA to be BASW's partner to refresh the Professional Capabilities Framework

BASW is pleased to announce that - following an open tendering process - Research in Practice/Research in Practice for Adults (RiP/RiPfA) has been chosen as BASW's partner in the project to refresh the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). RiP/RiPfA will be working closely with BASW staff, members, educationalists, service users and carers, and the wider social work sector, to bring the PCF up to date, to ensure it remains a beneficial tool for our profession. The refresh will retain the integrity of the PCF while showing how it can link with other models of social work development and assessment (e.g. Knowledge & Skills Statements.)

RiP/RiPfA  and BASW will report back to the PCF external multiagency steering group at the end of the summer with clear recommendations about the refreshed framework and how to promote and roll it out across the social work profession, organisations and education sector. There will be a formal launch event in the autumn.