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Grenfell Tower Fire – a tragedy that should never have happened

Our thoughts and love are with all those affected by the devastating and horrific fire at the Grenfell Tower.

This is the worst fire incident of recent times involving huge loss of life. The importance of the public enquiry cannot be overstated for the long term. But we also support the calls for urgent attention to the risks people may be exposed to now as a result of poor quality, poor standards and insufficient investment in housing, particularly social housing which is most often occupied by people with low incomes and few housing choices.

Families, friends, neighbours and strangers have stood side by side in this terrible event bringing a sense of community unity and compassion in such horrific circumstances.

Public sector workers including the ambulance crews, health staff, police, fire brigade, housing workers and social workers (to name just a few) have played an important role in supporting those in crisis, trauma and in need. The partnership of working alongside the community, faith based organisations and all those offering humanity, kindness, generosity and a listening ear symbolises all that is good in such an unbelievable tragedy.

The first victim to be named is Mohammed Al-Haj Ali a refugee from Syria which tragically highlights the richness and diversity of our communities.

We know that social workers in England, across the UK and the world play such a critical role in supporting those in crisis, including family reunification, supporting the bereaved, providing specialist support. This work is underpinned by fundamental respect for the individual and the communities we serve and through the promotion of social justice, compassion, integrity and kindness.

BASW and the Social Workers Union are putting a call out to all our members to donate if possible and support the families and all those affected by this tragedy and others in the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. You can donate to any of the following: - 

Families of Grenfell Tower donate at JustGiving

UK Solidarity Fund

BASW and SWU will also be making a joint donation to the Families of Grenfell Tower JustGiving.  

We would also like to acknowledge that members of our Association have been directly affected both personally and professionally by the Grenfell Tower fire and other recent tragic events in Manchester and London.

Thank you for the difference that you have made by 'being there'.