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BASW congratulates Article 39 for raising £10,000 to fight child restraints

BASW would like to congratulate Article 39 for successfully raising the funds required to legally challenge what it describes as “painful and unjustified” restraint of children escorted to and from children’s homes.

The charity launched a crowdfunding exercise in June to reach a target of £8,000 within 30 days.

Not only did the group meet its target, it surpassed it by £2,000 – raising £10,000 overall – with days to spare before its 27 June deadline.

With 190 pledges to date, Carolyne Willow, Director of Article 39, expressed her delight at receiving such “incredible support”.

“The care and treatment of children in custody is too often hidden out of sight, and sidelined as a criminal justice matter alone. Our crowdfunder has attracted backing from a wide range of individuals and organisations who care deeply about the rights and welfare of vulnerable children.”

Willow added: “It cannot be right for the government to prohibit pain-inducing restraint in one setting but allow it in another for the very same children. We now have sufficient funds to begin legal action, and we will do this strengthened by the tremendous concern for children’s rights shown by so many.”