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BASW warns of mounting generational problems following ‘Revolving Door’ report

BASW CEO Ruth Allen is warning of long term damage to children and families if government and local authorities do not support effective early help.

“We are storing up generational problems and doing damage to children and families as a society if we do not back the provision of effective early help,” says Allen.

Allen’s comments follow the release of a report today from the charity, Action For Children, which claims up to 140,000 vulnerable children in England referred to social care for concerns including abuse and neglect are stuck in a ‘revolving door’ of assessment and re-referral.

“On the back of the recent report from the Children's Commissioner on risks to vulnerable children of high thresholds for support, and the LGA report on a massive predicted deficit in children's social care funding by 2020, here is yet another report raising very serious concerns about funding and models of service across England,” says Allen.

The report shows that high thresholds for statutory children's services support is now coupled with great reductions in preventive and early help services.

Issues around opportunities being missed to intervene early and ‘tackle root causes of abuse and neglect’, are also raised.

“Not all children referred to children's social care need a statutory service and we should not seek to draw more children than necessary into the state system,” says Allen.

“Without early help that is accessible, families may have nowhere to turn, meaning professionals such as social workers won't be able to signpost them for the types of support that can prevent worse problems down the line.”