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Stakeholder Communication: Government meeting with SASW and update from GIRFEC team on Named Person

SASW have a meeting on Monday, 28 November at 10 in Edinburgh with representatives of the GIRFEC team as part of the Scottish Government’s consultation on this controversial component in part 4 of the Children and Young People Act 2014.

SASW understands that as set out in the Deputy First Ministers statement on 8 September, the Scottish Government remains committed to the Named Person and the implementation of the service.  In his statement Mr Swinney announced a three month period of engagement on the information sharing provisions of the Named Person service, following the Supreme Court judgment.  The Supreme Court judgment on the Named Person provisions does not dilute the Scottish Government’s commitment, however, it does require it to revise part of the legislation to ensure that it is compatible with the ECHR, which they are now working towards.

Delivery of the GIRFEC approach including provision of Named Persons is current Scottish Government policy that according to the Scottish Government can and should be delivered within the current legal framework.  The attached Policy Document provides an update on the Scottish Government policy and may be of assistance to stakeholders in developing services to deliver the GIRFEC approach including provision of Named Persons.

If you want to attend this meeting or want to have your comments included, please email

Click here to read policy document.