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SASW seeks members’ views on registration fee hike

SASW is seeking members’ views on proposed changes to fees paid by registrants of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). While social work students face an increase of £5, some SASW members have raised concerns that those in the Manager/ Social Worker category face an increase of £50 per year.

In order to fully capture members’ views in its own response to the SSSC consultation, SASW is asking members to fill out a short survey of five questions HERE

Commenting on the SSSC consultation, SSSC Chief Executive Anna Fowlie said: “increasing fees is never going to be a popular option” but “our fees have always been considerably less than those of other registered groups and have been the same since we first started registering people in 2003.”

SASW Manager Trisha Hall said: “While this is the first change in registration fees for social workers since the inception of the register, the proposed increase is, however, quite significant. It has already resulted in many calls to our office from members who are concerned about the amount, in times when wages are not commensurate and working conditions are becoming increasingly challenging.

“We would urge members to respond as constructively as possible to the consultation. We are also aiming to consult with members in order to present a collective view. SASW is firmly committed to supporting our part of the Scottish Social Services workforce, qualified social workers whose ‘protection of title’ status demands adherence to the code of ethics and the consistent implementation of best practice principles, and we therefore welcome this opportunity to inform this important consultation.”

The consultation closes on 2 November 2016.

Click HERE to take the SASW survey

For more information on the SSSC consultation click HERE