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BASW & BISWG publish new brain injury resource

A new guide to help social workers support people who have suffered brain injury or trauma has been co- published by BASW. Called Practice Guidance for Social Workers working with people with an acquired brain injury, it was produced together with the Brain Injury Social Work Group (BISWG).

The guide outlines how to identify brain injury, assessment processes, post assessment support and includes a practice- based case study. Jackie Burt, Chair of BISWG, said: “Having worked as a social worker in a busy hospital neuro unit for over 20 years, I am very aware of the difficulties facing people with acquired brain injury and those close to them. I am also conscious of the subtleties involved in making an appropriate assessment of the needs of someone who is likely to have led a very different life before their accident or brain haemorrhage or stroke or illness.”

BISWG and BASW member Guy Soulsby added: “If I was starting in the job now this practice guidance would have been really helpful. I know people feel anxious about taking brain injury cases on. With this information they can focus their skills working in partnership to recognise and enable the strengths within service users and carers to work confidently with people with brain injury.”

Click HERE to download the guide