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Message from BASW UK Chief Executive Bridget Robb: Greetings to all social workers on World Social Work Day

Today we live in a turbulent world. We are witnessing a degree of mass migration around the world, which we have not experienced since the Second World War. We are seeing how people are not prepared to just put up with war, terror and poverty - they will walk seeking greater freedoms and security, and pay traffickers to help them.

We are experiencing how this is challenging our political structures and our understanding of nation states. We can see how our debate about staying in or leaving the European Union is likely to have a lasting effect on whether or not we remain a United Kingdom.

So where is social work in all this? Our global profession is focusing today on, “The dignity and worth of all people”. This is the second pillar of our Global Agenda for Social Change and Development. What a timely reminder to us all.

So for today, take pride in who you are - you are a person of dignity, and worthy of respect for you as a person and our profession - so make sure you are treated that way by colleagues and those with whom you work.

Also take time to think of the people with whom you are working - for they are also people of dignity and worthy of respect - however challenging their circumstances are today.

And if you can, find the time to celebrate together, don't wait for others. Stand up for social work today and every day.

Bridget Robb


BASW Chief Executive

SWU General Secretary