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Happy World Social Work Day from BASW England

Please read below for inspirational messages to membership from BASW England’s Patron and Ambassadors:

“Social workers gave me a glimpse into a childhood that my parents couldn't ❤”

Jenny Malloy
BASW England Patron
aka Hope Hackney Child


“The work you do and the care you provide are essential for each step we take toward equality and social justice for all across the world. You. Are. Awesome!”

Tiffany Green
BASW England Ambassador


“Happy Social Work Day. At a time when even those in the majority are expressing anxiety and disaffection about their futures and the systems in place, it is all the more important social work contributes to ensuring forgotten or invisible groups have a strong voice in any changes that may result.”

Winston Morson
BASW England Ambassador


“We are doing a great and courageous job. Don't let anyone tell you different. This is a rewarding and satisfying role and we are saving lives every day. We fall into the same category as the emergency services. I love my job and am passionate about what I do, I took on this role to change people's perspective of social workers and I believe I am achieving this. Social Workers – don't ever give up – we are doing a tremendous job.”

Beverley Williams
BASW England Ambassador