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BASW response to the outcome of the EU referendum

BASW Chief Executive Dr Ruth Allen stated:

"BASW will be carefully considering the unfolding impact of the result of the EU referendum as it affects social workers, other health and social care professionals, and the people and communities we work with.

"One of the most important things now is for all social workers to consider how we play our part in supporting social cohesion across communities. The vote was so close and the campaigning rhetoric often bitterly divisive. There is a sense of division across and between the countries of the UK. Our work is a key part in helping to prevent and heal social divisions and encourage understanding wherever we can.

"The importance of social work within our own society is brought into focus by the referendum result. But we are part of a global professional community centred on shared values. The BASW Code of Ethics defines social work as an international profession. On the day this referendum result was announced, I and the BASW Chair, Guy Shennan happened to be meeting with European and global colleagues at the International Federation of Social Workers' delegates meeting. We were working together closely on shared priorities and concerns such discrimination, human rights, refugee issues, inequalities, poverty and our role in the empowerment of individuals, families and communities. This referendum result will not change our commitment as an Association to cooperation, human rights and social justice within our own society and across borders."