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BASW AGM votes to support the campaign to remain in the European Union

A motion calling for a remain vote on 23 June received heavy support at our recent annual general meeting (AGM) and we are therefore adding our collective voice to the In campaign.

Social work is an increasingly international profession and we believe that it is important not only to remain in the EU but also to deepen our relationships with our European colleagues, for the benefit of the people who use our services across all our borders.

We believe that the EU has been a broadly progressive force for social justice, protecting and extending the rights of people at work, in particular part-time and temporary workers and working parents, and has played a positive role in defending and promoting the human rights of people across Europe. Following the adoption of the Social Chapter, the EU has undertaken numerous initiatives, which have assisted many of the people we work with, including children who need protection, disabled and older people, and people in poverty.

Read the motion in full here.