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Scotland’s Social Services Strategic Forum group announces New Awards across social care and social services

SASW have recently announced that we are now open for nominations for our SASW Awards  #SASWawards16

We hope to once again highlight the best of what our profession, social work, can offer. We celebrate our profession and its unique remit, and do so in the context of similar events across the world with colleagues assembled within the International Federation of Social Workers in other countries on 21st March 2017, World Social Work Day.

SASW is also pleased to be an active partner within the Scottish Social Services Strategic Forum, which encompasses the much wider social services workforce (i.e. social care as well as social work) See a new shared vision and strategy for social services 2015-2020

The Forum now wishes to recognise and celebrate the work of the social services sector in Scotland and those that work in it by launching a new Awards ceremony. These Awards are planned for June 2017.

The awards aim to highlight best practice and those individuals who are helping make a difference to the lives of the people they help and support.

Shortlisted entrants will be required to create a 1-2 minute promotional film of their story using smart phones.  Help and support will be provided.

There will be ten award categories, reflecting the four work stands of the social services strategy. They are new, distinctive and aim to highlight work which creates a positive impact on the lives of others. You can enter as an individual, a team or an organisation, or you can nominate others. 

The work strands and the categories are:

Supporting the workforce

·   Living the codes: to recognise success in bringing the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) codes of practice to life

·   Bright spark: for an individual who is new to social services but is already making a real difference to someone’s life

·   An enlightened approach: to recognise the importance of learning and development within the workforce

Understanding service quality and performance

·   Silo buster: to recognise joined up thinking, working and delivering during a time of integration and change

·   The courage to take a risk: for those who have taken a risk and stood up to make change with a positive outcome

Improving use of evidence

·   Making research real: to highlight good use of research in social services practice to challenge current thinking and explore new options

·   Thought leadership: for those who have influenced thinking in a team, organisation or more widely by learning, discussing or trying new things

Promoting public understanding

·   The untold story: to celebrate the unsung hero or inspiring individual who think they are just doing their job

·   Head above the parapet: for those who have spoken up about an issue, promoting social justice and championing the rights of the vulnerable

Policy Focus * special annual award

·   Carers champion: in recognition of the Carers Act to honour those who champion the rights and interests of carers

Full details of the awards will be launched on 16 January 2017 and will be open for six weeks, so start thinking now about work you might want to enter. In the meantime, please register for updates at and follow @SSSawards on Twitter #sssa17.