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New training workshops on Talking & Listening to Children research

SASW is working with the University of Edinburgh to help build and support communities of practice in child and family social work. Our plan is to use the CPD resources from ESRC-funded Talking and Listening to Children (TLC) research to work with a group of social workers over a four month period. We want to provide an opportunity for social workers to reflect and develop their practice in communicating with children.

The project aims to understand the ’real world’ problems that social workers encounter in their ordinary communicative practices with children and how best to equip social workers.

The project findings have provided important insights into the complexity of these everyday practices and informed the creation of CPD resources that focuses on communicating with children. The resources are film based and include real-life examples adapted from the TLC research, as well as social workers discussing their practice and theoretical insights.

There will be a series of four training workshops, held monthly, for around 12-15 social workers in two pilot local authorities - Edinburgh and Fife - between January and April 2017. Attendees will be expected come to all the workshops, as well as undertaking reading and some reflective written work in preparation and in between the workshops. It is hoped that this group will become the leaders of this work in their agencies, and share what they have learnt with others to build local communities of practice in child and family social work. SASW intends to facilitate these communities of practice.

We aim to approach government for funding for training workshops in other local authorities across Scotland, once we have evaluated the findings of this pilot project.

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