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BASW England statement: Racism Statement - BASW England Conference 2016

BASW England wishes to put on record its grave concern at the recent increase in incidents of racism, xenophobia and hate crimes following the EU Referendum. 

BASW England pledges solidarity and support with any social worker or user of social work services who experiences any such oppressive incidents and behaviour.

BASW England is committed to working with partner agencies and individuals to develop a framework to provide active support to people working in or receiving social work services who experience or are at risk of racism, xenophobia or hate crimes. 

BASW England expects all those working and studying in the social work profession to uphold and maintain the professional standards, values and ethics of social work, through actively challenging any acts of racism, xenophobia or hate crimes within the workplace and those accessing social work services.

BASW England calls for a zero tolerance approach to this situation, and active support and intervention from student social workers, social workers and social work employers.

BASW England calls for action to hold perpetrators of such abuse to account for their actions and for legal and disciplinary responses to be used where appropriate.