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Hillsborough inquest: Social work’s ethics mean we have to speak out against injustice

As the inquests into the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy determine all 96 football fans who died were unlawfully killed, BASW England Manager Maris Stratulis said social work’s Code of Ethics makes it imperative to speak out against such injustices. Ms Stratulis was brought up in Liverpool and has a personal connection with the Hillsborough disaster. Commenting on the jury’s conclusions, she said: “Social justice, human rights, honesty, professional integrity and respect are core ethical principles and values cited in the BASW Code of Ethics. We should uphold these values as a profession and be brave enough to speak out when injustices have happened, past and present.

“I hope we can be united in our solidarity and support to the courageous families, friends and campaigners seeking justice for the 96 children, young people and adults who ‘unlawfully’ died at Hillsborough. This is a day filled with terrible pain and sadness as well as a recognition of the truth. I was born in Liverpool, Liverpool is a part of who I am and my family went through hell on 15 April 1989 but we were one of the lucky ones – our loved one came home. Our thoughts are with the families of those who died, who were injured and who continue to be affected by Hillsborough.”