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BASW: Social workers have ethical duty to support asylum seekers and refugees

BASW is calling on the British Government to receive those fleeing war, persecution, and devastation in their home countries with respect and dignity and is urging its members to sign a petition to up the number of refugees being accepted into the UK.

Commenting on the call to action, BASW Chair Guy Shennan said: “BASW is urging the Government to work in collaboration and solidarity with all countries in Europe to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes.  

BASW’s Code of Ethics clearly states ‘respect for human rights and a commitment to promoting social justice are at the core of social work practice throughout the world’ and this gives us an ethical duty to speak up.  

“Social workers have a key role to play in working in partnership with state and a variety of other agencies with asylum seekers and refugees to ensure individuals and families access appropriate support, their fundamental human rights are upheld and their holistic needs are met.

“We believe a fair and equitable quota system for receiving refugees must be immediately agreed and the economic, social and health care demands should not continue to fall disproportionately on countries that are nearest to the entry points.

At a meeting this weekend with IFSW delegates due to be held ahead of the forthcoming IFSW European conference on Sunday, BASW Council will seek support for a motion to be formally put to delegates at the conference. BASW Chair Guy Shennan adds: “The proposed motion is both a show of support for refugees and asylum seekers and a call for solidarity with our European colleagues. We hope that social workers in Europe will speak with a united voice about the need to provide refuge and safety and for this responsibility to be shared equally”.

Click HERE to sign the petition