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Get reading!

In these days of social media and electronica, there are still plenty of good books being published. The SASW office frequently receives wonderful specimens, which are sent to us for review. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to read them all, and our PSW editor can only feature very few on a monthly basis.

So, how about we combine the two worlds and use social media to publish your book reviews. It can meet a number of purposes: you have new information or a new take on practice. This is shared with others, who may think, “I need to read that”. This can (hopefully) benefit your work, and so the people you work with and for.

We don’t see the books lingering in a basket in the office. The publishers see their books reviewed, and may send more … and did we mention you can keep the book? Are any student members reading this?

Click here if you are interested and ask for the current list. You will receive a guidance document and a small electronic agreement form, which states when we expect the review back. We then aim to put the review on our SASW website page. Get reading!