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SASW membership increase

We are delighted to report a continuous rise in membership numbers, both in Scotland and across the whole of the UK. SASW wants to thank all of you who are supporting us; you make the organisation what it is, so please use your voice and any opportunities to inform our work!

In England there are new opportunities as well as challenges as a result of the demise of The College of Social Work. This has an impact on the whole of the social work profession, not just in England, but across the UK and beyond. BASW have sent out briefings to you on the Association’s position.

There are threats to remove social work education from universities and fund private businesses to train students in England. Click here to view the Guardian article: Don’t take social work training away from universities.

We must protect our profession together!

Across Scotland there is a real desire through the Social Services Strategic Forum to ensure we work cohesively and constructively across the spectrum. However we can’t ignore the impact of the spending cuts, especially in local authorities where the work increases as the austerity measures impact on the people we work with, provide services for and aim to protect. Never has it been more important for social work as a unique profession to assert its values and knowledge base. It is also imperative that social workers feel supported and protected, we aim to do what we can to ensure this.

Please help us to grow stronger, and in partnership with other bodies and organisations in Scotland work together so we can continue to work towards social justice, welfare and a fair deal for all.

Click here to contact the SASW office with your comments or views.