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Recruitment and retention: Scottish Government meeting

SASW have been invited to a meeting at the Scottish Government on ‘recruitment and retention’ that will take place on 29 July 2015.

The meeting is informed by discussions held at the Ministerial Strategic Group on Health and Social Care Integration and the Social Work Services Strategic Forum. They have both discussed the importance of workforce issues. Of particular note to these discussions are the immediate challenges in recruitment and retention of social care staff in some parts of the country (both in care and nursing) and the increasing dependency on agency staffing to maintain service delivery.

Social workers work in partnership with social care staff in many scenarios and settings, so the issues identified have a direct impact on our work and on the care, support and protection we aim to offer to the users of services that we work with. The current health and social care integration agenda will make the issues even more apparent.

Therefore it would be helpful to hear your views on recruitment and retention in social care and health, as well as what can be done to meet the challenges we face.

Click here to contact SASW Manager Trisha Hall with your views and suggestions.