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New funding to support women and girls diagnosed with autism

Scottish Autism has secured £51,531 in funding from the Scottish Government’s Direct Funding for the Voluntary Sector, Adult Community Care Grant Scheme to develop better support for women and girls on the autism spectrum. 

The charity will draw upon research by Dr Catriona Stewart, co-facilitator of the Scottish Women's Autism Network (SWAN), whose PhD research focussed on girls with Asperger’s syndrome. Dr Stewart’s research has highlighted many of the challenges that women and girls on the autism spectrum experience in areas such as obtaining a diagnosis, the impact that this has on their daily lives and the implications on their long-term health and well-being.

According to Dr Stewart’s research, adolescent girls on the autism spectrum may be extremely capable, but without appropriate support can be vulnerable to bullying, may develop health problems and self-harming behaviours and underachieve at school. While some women may be in employment, married and have children without proper diagnosis and support, they can struggle keeping a job or maintaining successful relationships, and as a result, may incur mental health problems.

This funding will enable a new women and girls online support programme to be developed.    

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