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BASW Council response to TCSW closure

“BASW – the strong, independent voice for social work and social workers”

BASW held a special meeting of Council on the 6 July in order to consider the Association’s position in response to the impending closure of The College of Social Work (TCSW) in England. 

Council agreed the principle that BASW's 2020 Vision is our driving force and must underpin our response and any decisions that we make. This 2020 Vision statement sets out our commitments to the public, the profession and individual workers.

BASW has already issued press statements expressing our dismay at the closure of The College. We remain committed to working with social workers in England to determine the best future to ensure clear, strong, unified and professional leadership within the country and across the UK.

To this end, BASW Council confirmed we want to have further discussions with TCSW and all interested parties to seek the best way forward. We recognise that these talks on key TCSW functions need to happen in the next few weeks to provide assurance to TCSW members and other interested parties.

BASW is able to make an immediate offer to TCSW members about professional indemnity insurance. If you join BASW and have no outstanding insurance claim, BASW can offer you continuity of insurance cover immediately. If you have an existing claim, do contact us to discuss your position.

If you are an independent social worker requiring public liability insurance, and you have no outstanding claim, we can also offer you immediate cover. So please join online – or contact our membership department if you need to discuss your position.

BASW Council recognise that there are some immediate decisions to be made before TCSW closes – but that there are also longer term decisions needed to bring the profession closer together.

To this end, we will be calling a summit of interested organisations from the social work community, with service user and carer groups, in the autumn to consider the future of social work and the way we might better strengthen our alliances and partnerships to promote the best interests of the profession and those who need and use our services.

Click here to view the full 2020 Vision document